Read this first

Read this first

 Make the most of the Hempseed.. Sow it everywhere.   George Washington


enjoy this website – a collection of links and a few posts – inform yourself about the hemp industry in australia – no info as yet on the state of hemp shares and stocks – when i know more, i will post here.  Have fun reading!

Imagine. . . waking up in your hemp foundation home, with hemp shingles, a hemp floor platform, painted with environmentally safe hemp paint, nice and cool on a hot summer day due to the breathability of hemp. Then you walk on your hemp carpet down to the bathroom, insulated with hemp plywood and prepare for your morning shower, using hemp soap, which helps rebuild your cell membranes, then rinsing your hair with hemp shampoo and conditioner, and putting on your hemp lotion to soften and moisturize your skin. Then imagine using hemp toothpaste and hemp composite toothbrush to brush your teeth, a hemp plastic biodegradable hemp comb to brush your hair, and doing the morning laundry with environmentally safe hemp detergent. Then you go and put on your hemp clothes, which are so soft and comfortable. Then you go into the kitchen and have a big bowl of hemp granola with hemp milk. Then you get in your hemp composite car and drive down to the local gas pump where you fill up with hemp ethanol. Then imagine using a hemp paper checkbook, with a hemp plastic cover, and a hemp plastic pen filled with hemp ink to pay for the fuel, a hemp soda and some hemp chips.

All of this –and so much more– is possible, while benefiting our environment. Let us no longer prohibit the most useful plant from being grown by the strongest country, or we may find that we are no longer the strongest country. Re-legalize industrial hemp; it’s simply common sense.  Read more from


Northern Rivers Hemp


first, some light entertainment …. funny, side-splittingly funny!

Northern Rivers Hemp:    
Northern Rivers Hemp is an incorporated association made of local people who are passionate about hemp.
Each year at the Annual General Meeting an executive committee is elected. These people meet at least four times a year, currently more often and maintain the core functions of association and seek to realise it’s goals.

The Current Executive Group.
 Andrew Kavasilas andrew04-300x200is the President of the Northern River Hemp Association and has been actively involved in NSW hemp farming since 1999. From pioneering hemp trials on the Liverpool Plains to acclimation and multiplication crops on macadamia orchards in the coastal regions of far north NSW.
He is the founder of Vitahemp Australia and has spent years identifying and breeding Low THC hemp cultivars to suit our sub tropical region. Vitahemp can supply licensed hemp growers with certified Low THC varieties, including proven varieties with no detectable trace of THC Delta 9.
Andrew’s primary interest is in the production of high quality hemp seed for human consumption. His work extends to the integration of hemp cultivars suited to the agricultural infrastructure used locally.
He can be contacted directly via email, or telephone on 0427891968.

Klara MarosszeKlaraky  has been a licensed hemp grower since 1999.
She is currently working with the Ashford community in central western NSW to develop the region as a hemp growing area for NSW. She grew hemp there under commercial licence in 2010 and also trialled a dryland crop at Tatham in the Northern Rivers region. She has a strong interest in sustainable farming and a background in Landcare.
Klara has developed an affordable hemp lime building material for Australian conditions using local resources, with a goal to address social housing needs. The material is suited to both owner builder and commercial construction and uses simple monolithic design to construct thermally efficient, low carbon footprint homes.
Klara is currently a Program Manager for Ecologically Sustainable Initiatives for TAFE North Coast institute where she is also a teacher.



Deb Felton is adeb Founding Executive Member NRHA.
Deb is a Hemp grower. She is experimenting with varieties of NRHA seed. Including two successive generations of a Chinese landrace variety measuring THC variations and seed yields.
She is committed to ethical sustainable hemp growing, harvesting and production.
Her qualifications include RN NZ, BA Communications UTS, BA Law MACU, Grad Dip Education UCan, Cert IV Trainer, Masters Indigenous Studies Ginibi.

Kenrick Riley was among the first to get a licence to grow hemp commercially in NSW. He is currently growing certified organic hemp at his farm “Wiccawood” in Georgica, NSW.

Dr Keith Bolton ikeith3s the founder and managing director of Ecotechnology Australia. Keith is best known for his role in the Byron Effluent Reuse Wetland where 750,000 trees were planted to manage Byron Bay’s sewage effluent and the North Coast Mop Crop Project which involved the irrigation of resource water (sewage effluent) on to a fibre crops such as hemp, bamboo and kenaf.
Keith is a leader in the development of ecotechnology in the rarefied innovative environment of the North Coast of Australia. He is Project Manager of the Centre for Ecotechnology at Southern Cross University. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and PhD in Environmental Engineering.






Guy Stewart has a passion for revitalising the bioregion’s capacity to meet it’s primary needs of healthy water, food, shelter, fuel & fibres and believes that hemp is unique in that it can help with all these.  He provides the organisation with technical assistance, maintains the website and makes functional connections in the industry.
He has a Diploma in Permaculture.
He is a director in the executive committee.